Welcome to the launch of Florida Green Market News. This site has been built to provide Markets, Vendors and attendees with a ‘single’ source for all the NEWS. Whether you are looking for a Market, special Vendor, a specific product or just, latest news…Florida Green Market News will have you covered.

My name is Erin T. Flaherty and one of my many roles is Director at the Lake Park "Seeds of Hope Community Garden", In addition to creating and maintaining this websites Market News I will strive to keep you up to speed on Florida’s growing cycles, and tricks to gardening successfully here in Florida.

Florida Green Market News will be updated on a regular basis. We encourage market vendors, market managers to add their profiles and/or anyone willing to share information to submit. Just look to the left for the "Add your profile" and click on the topic that fits in line with what you plan on entering. Feel free to add more than one submission.

Thanks for visiting.